“Simplicity is the
ultimate sophistication”
(L. da Vinci)

What we do

Novatech Denmark researches, innovates and creates solutions that enable easier and better construction, protection, maintenance and repair.

How we work

We come up with simple solutions for complex problems for every target group and task. Not for the entertainment of our engineers. Because research is a means, not an end.

Why we exist

Our company exists to simplify the job of professionals. We believe that only the best quality is sufficient. And that every innovation mainly has to be an improvement.


Nothing is too
complex for us
to simplify

Novatech Denmark offers practical solutions that allow professionals to perform their job in a better, faster, safer and easier way. An unshakeable faith in the power of simplicity permeates our company, our people and our products. Without compromising, we apply that conviction to all of our innovations and solutions. They are easy to use and apply. That way, our people work together every day on a company that is more sustainable, humane and, above all, simple.


Bringing companies together

Founded in 1989, we started with the import and distributions of high-quality  Lubricants. During the years the  company developed into  the Protex Group harbouring 2 companies:  Top-Tek A/S, which deals with Omega Lubricants and TT-Lube, and Nowex ApS, which sells Novatio Maintenance Products and TEC7 Products.

In 2017 , Novatech International, the Belgium partner of Tec7 and Novatio products, acquired the Protex Group to strengthen its position in Denmark.  

Novatech Denmark now is the successful merger of Nowex and Top-Tek. As a new entity, they will provide high-quality products for industry, agriculture, automotive, construction, offshore and technology.

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Whether it’s agriculture, offshore, construction or industry, Top-Tek offers high-quality products for a variety of sectors; more specifically LUBE, ADDITIVES, PROTECT and CLEAN. Our products have a wide application range, allowing the customer to minimise stock and reduce error risk while using them.

There is no building site that does not have TEC7. For more than 20 years, building professionals and DIY-enthusiasts have been relying on the original all-rounder. TEC7 is the most common sealant for sealing, bonding and mounting. This is one product that replaces mounting glue, wood glue, PU-glue, silicone and acrylic sealant. It is a universal product that makes life so much easier for building professionals and hobbyists.

Novatio provides professional, even customised solutions if required, for industry, automotive, construction and technology. Novatio’s products and tools are available in 23 countries. Novatio has a strong presence in Europe and has recently been expanding into Asia.

Omega specialty lubricants are a line of quality oils, greases and additives. They are generally made from premium and limited source paraffinic-type base oils and scientifically-developed exclusive supplements called “Megalites” that provide maximum protection for costly machinery, vehicles & plant equipment. Our aim? Enabling machinery to perform more efficiently, with less wear and extended service life.

Bike7 is developed and dedicated to making bike maintenance simpler and far more efficient. At Bike7 we have been developing cleaning and maintenance products for bicycles of the highest quality since 2012, and have for many years had a leading position in bicycle care products in the bicycle countries Belgium and France.

Bike7 has entered the Danish market in 2021 and has triathlete and former world champion Camilla Pedersen as ambassador for the entire product series.

Part of the
Novatech International Group

As a part of Novatech International, Novatech Denmark can broaden its scope in more than 25 countries worldwide without losing its local focus. As before, we will stay covered nationally with our local technically educated sales team and stay focused on personal contact with our customers, giving them the best advice and education possible regarding our products.


Only people
can create technology

Technology can do a lot, but it cannot come up with ideas. Only people can do this. This insight has a central position in our culture. And that’s why our employees, our partners and our clients are so important to our process. They ensure that every innovation is also an improvement. That every solution is an answer to a real question as well. And especially: that working together at Novatech provides results and gratification. In addition, we keep both feet on the ground and highly value our no-nonsense attitude.


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